Welcome to The Design Corner. The Design Corner is a place where you will learn about the principles of design. Whether you are a beginner, an advanced designer or an enthusiast, knowing and understanding the basic principles of design is critical in achieving a solid piece of artwork. Without this foundation, you may encounter a lot of do-overs and complications that can be avoided once these simple rules are implemented.

For the beginners, you may find yourself in new territory surrounded by unfamiliar concepts. Don’t worry. These design principles are rather easy. It is making sure you invest in the time and energy in understanding these concepts that will prove to be useful. Your work WILL speak for itself. Also, it is important to remember that once these design principles become clear, creating posters, brochures, websites, photos and so forth, will start to come together effortlessly.

As for the advanced designer, let me start by saying congratulations on your dedication. It is well-deserved. Hopefully as you browse through this website, it will take you down memory lane and remind you of their importance in design.

Whatever your case may be, I hope this website will entertain you. Most importantly, I hope you take away new profound knowledge that will ultimately lead to your success.

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Practice makes perfect. This section of the website will hopefully allow you to explore different designing scenarios that will help in approaching designing tasks in a more creative way.

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Helpful tips and advice are great tools in helping you avoid the don'ts in designing. Under this section, tidbits of information will be listed here to help you avoid designing disasters. Why struggle?

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Text can be a bit boring if you are a very visual person like me. Make sure you definitely visit this section. It will give you examples of work that illustrate each principle.